Frequently Asked Questions



A Wise Decision  LLC gathered all frequently asked questions by clients. If your question  is not included in the list, let us know and we will provide an answer  as soon as possible.


Q: What does A Wise Decision LLC consist of?

A:  We are a errands, concierge and courier service of Columbus, Ga that specialize  in customer service by taking on the challenges of private individuals,  professionals, and businesses off your hands in order for you to save  time. That way, AWD, LLC can organize your daily, weekly, and/or monthly  schedule.


Q: How do I reach and contact A Wise Decision LLC?

A:  This process is done real simple. Just by providing your name and/or  business name, telephone number, email address, and AWD, LLC will be in  contact with you within 48 hours.


Q: What areas does A Wise Decision LLC cover geographically?

A: The Ga-Al-Fl and surrounding areas.


Q: Can AWD, LLC do same-day, standard, direct, and/or after hour request deliveries?

A:  Call for availability with these types of request and all others that  are in between. A 48 - 72 hour notice is required for all requests.


Q: What are your office hours of operation?

A:  Our hours of operation will be from the hours of 5 AM - 12 AM Monday - Thursday 

Friday - Sunday Open 24 hours. On Holidays & Weekends, all clients can and will be accommodated if there is availability.


Q: Can I purchase this service for anyone else other than myself?

A: Yes, you most certainly can.


Q: How do we as AWD LLC insure its clients?

A:  We are licensed, insured, and bonded so that our loyal clients can rely  on the fact that, "the service of A Wise Decision is completed by  trusted hands".


Contact us at (706) 587-8640 for more information about our services. Call us today!