Terms & Conditions


  • *All errand  services will require an hourly rate starting at $25 the first hour and  $15 each additional hour of service. Prices may vary
  • *All errand  services that require evening, weekend, and holiday fulfillment will  only require an hourly rate of $25 the first hour and $15 each  additional hour of service. Prices may vary
  • *All local travel fees will always remain on a flat rate-fee basis. 
  • *All  courier services dealing with all package pickup and delivery 20 miles  or less will be $25 locally. Long-distance pickup and delivery 20 miles  or more will be $1.25 per mile.
  • *On  all service fees and scheduled advance appointments, there will be a  10% non-refundable deposit against the suggested price of that  particular service before it’s performed in advance and once the service  is performed in advance.
  • *On  all services, if a debit or credit card is used, there will be a $2 -  $10 cover charge, plus the 10% non-refundable fee on all service prices.
  • *All payments will be in the form of credit, money order or cash.
  • *All payments of credit will go through the process of PayPal so the confidentiality of your history will be sound and secure.
  • *We accept all major debit and credit cards, money orders or cash.
  • *Cancel at any time if any client(s) is dissatisfied with any of A Wise Decision LLC's services.
  • Note: All refunds will only be of 30% if paid by cash, plus your $2 - $10 cover charge if paid by credit
  • *A 48  - 72 hour advance notice has to be in place for all errand and courier  services. This has to be provided to A Wise Decision LLC for  Availability. Please see all Rates and Fees for pricing.


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